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Courtesy light - door operated switch. YKC940Z

Door jamb interior light switch YKC940Z Triumph Dolomite, Toledo, TR6, Stag, TR7, Spitfire, 2000 ..


J Type Overdrive gasket and seal kit

Seal kit for J type Overdrive as fitted to: Triumph TR6 Triumph Stag Triumph Spitfire Tr..


J type overdrive sump gasket

Sump / bottom cover gasket for J-type overdrives fitted to: Triumph TR6 Triumph Stag Triump..


J-type overdrive solenoid NKC41

J-type overdrive solenoid NKC41Triumph Stag, 2000, 2500TC, 2500S, Spitfire, Dolomite, TR6..


Lucas 30731 headlight rocker switch

LUCAS HEADLIGHT MASTER ROCKER SWITCH. Suitable for the following vehicles :  TRIUMPH SPITFIR..


Lucas 39748 wiper switch. TR6. Austin 1300 Mk3. 13H7761.

Lucas 39748 wiper switch. TR6. Austin / Morris 1300 Mk3 (ADO16). 13H7761.2 speedFits hole 20.5mm x 5..


Lucas Battery cut out switch. BCS201LUCAS.

Brand new Lucas Master Battery Cut Off Switch / isolator. (SSB112)  Good quality, ..


Lucas mechanical brake light switch 124Sa 134529 / 13H3735

Lucas SMB421 mechanical brake light switch Replaces Lucas 34933, Rover 13H 3735, Talbot 71 240 56..


Lucas push / Pull dashboard switch SPB104. 2H4841LUCAS.

Lucas push/pull switch comes with plain knob that can be removed and replaced with the relevant knob..


Lucas replacement ignition barrel & keys

Lucas 54316731 Ignition Switch new barrel assembly plus two keys.  Brand new genuine Lucas h..


Lucas SPB501 dashboard mounted ignition switch. 127651.

lucas SPB501 ignition switch type 47SA 12 volt 4 x position AUX --OFF --AUX/IGN -- IGN/STR -- ..


Lucas windscreen washer switch. Triumph 158452.

Triumph TR5 Rocker Switch -Windscreen Washer - Clear Hooters - Replacement..

Push Pull switch. 3 Position, various applications. 3H3098 / SWH123 Pre-Order

Push Pull switch. 3 Position, various applications. 3H3098 / SWH123

Push Pull switch. 3 Position, various applications. 3H3098 / SWH123 Quality reproduction of the L..


SPB296 Lucas floor mount dip switch. RTC432.

Genuine Lucas product with "LUCAS ENGLAND" embossed into the casting.  Lucas SPB296 ..


Dis-car-nect battery isolator

Very simple and effective Immobiliser and Battery Cut-off switch. Clamp the Discarnect to your batte..

Horn contact Brush. 142534. Pre-Order

Horn contact Brush. 142534.

Horn contact Brush. 142534. Triumph Herald, Spitfire, GT6, Vitesse, TR4, TR5, TR6 MG Midget Mk..

Ignition switch. 579085. Pre-Order

Ignition switch. 579085.

Ignition switch. 579085. Also replaces part # 158459 Land Rover Defender Petrol Vehicles ..