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Distributor Parts

Contact sets-Rotor Arms-Condensers-Low Tension Leads-Distributor Caps-Vacuum units

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6 cyl distributor cap. Lucas DDB115

Fits Lucas 22d6 & 25d6 6 cylinder distributors fitted to many 1960s 6 cylinder british vehicles ..


DCB101C Lucas Condenser. GSC111.

Suits Lucas DM2P4, DM6, 25d, 22d, 23d, 29d distributors approximately 1955 to 1974. Alternative p..


DCB104C Lucas condenser for 45d4 & 45d6 distributor. GSC2109.

Condenser to suit Lucas 45d distributors. 4 & 6 cylinder. INNOCENTI Mini 90, 120 1975-79. ..


DDB113 Distributor cap for 6 cyl British cars 1974>

Lucas 45D6 Distributor Cap GDC137, Lucas part number: DDB113. applications include the following ..


DDB117 Lucas 6 cyl distributor cap - Push in HT

Lucas 22d 6 & 25D6 Distributor Cap for push in HT leads, GDC115, Lucas DDB117. Ac A..


Distributor vacuum plastic pipe per Metre. 37H4229M.

For vacuum pipe rubber end connectors, please search for 12B2062 (straight) or 12B2095 (90 degree)..


DRB104C high quality Red rotor arm. Lucas 45d4, 45d6, 59d4. GRA2114.

Genuine Lucas fully bonded rotor arm Compatible with Lucas 43d, 45d4, 45d6, 59d distributors from..


High quality, upgrade condenser. replaces Lucas DCB101C

Made in the UK by the "Distributor Doctor" A very high quality condenser, made in the old fashioned ..


Lucas DRB106C High quality red rotor arm. GRA102.

Suits 6 cylinder Lucas distributors as found in Jaguar, Aston Martin, MG, Triumph, AC, Austin, Austi..


Lucas DSB101C points set for 22d, 23d & 25d distributors. GCS2101.

Suits Lucas DM2P4, 25d, 22d, 23d, 29d distributors approximately 1955 to 1974. These distributors on..


Lucas DSB108C points set for 43d & 45d distributors. GCS118.

Suits Lucas 43d and 45d distributors both 4 and 6 cylinder approximately 1974 to 1980 Alternative..


Powerspark electronic ignition 22d6 & 25d6 6 cyl.

The Powerspark 22D6 6 Cylinder ignition kit replaces your points & condenser with a simple, easy..


Uprated Lucas points set for 22d, 23d & 25d distributors. GCS111LUCAS. DSB958

Uprated 32oz Lucas points set for 22d, 23d & 25d distributors. GCS111LUCAS. For performance / tr..


Distributor shaft O-ring seal. 513682A

Distributor spindle shaft O-ring seal. 513682ASuits 25d,  45d, 59d Lucas distributors..


Lucas distributor Low tension connector (pig tail wire). 54417569.

Low tension connector / pig tail connector. Fits Lucas 22d6, 23d4, 25d4, 25d6 distributors. If..