Stock arrivals and Availabilty

A bit of extra Information for our Customers.

Going forward we are now able to insert Estimated Arrival Dates for items arriving into our facilty.

When we have confirmed dates you will see the date showing in the red angled Date tag on the left corner of the first image.

When we do not have active orders placed for an item or it is not immediately available from our suppliers you will see the words Pre-Order applied to the date tag

We hope this will assist you when planning your purchases. We will endeavour to update this info as and when it becomes available.

See the Yellow Arrow!!


Our New Street Signs are up!!

If you are cruising Ellice Road in Glenfield Auckland looking for us... We have new signs on the street front.

The business is no longer invisible... and we are thrilled  to see you..... You will find us at 1-95 Ellice Road, Glenfield, Auckland 




Hawkswood Classics is thrilled to launch a new Range of LED Lighting options for Classic Cars in New Zealand.

Partenering with Classic Car LEDS out of the United Kingdom we have set up a range to cater for the Classic car market in this country. Stocks have just arrived ...... Joins us as we learn all about this technology!!

We have enjoyed working with the team in the UK to bring you this range and we are thrilled to offer the convenience of purchasing it in New Zealand

Click on this Triumph TR6 picture below to see the range.



We have this email from the Owner of the dropdead gorgeous Morgan on the header banner!

Hi again Tony!

Thanks for your kind comment about the Morgan……a very fast car with a 3.9 litre fuel injected Rover V8 engine which I haven’t de-tuned from its racing days!

Many thanks for your prompt reply!  The delivery time is not a problem as I found a pair of the correct units so the ones which I have ordered from you will be kept as spares. (If you are short of stock I would be happy to receive a credit!)

With family and friends living in the UK we are well aware of the on-going problems for the country caused by the unprecedented Covid-19 virus!

The Morgan is now on the road – I attach a photo for your interest!

I look forward to receiving the 2 semi-sealed beam units when they arrive!



We are thrilled to support this event. We think its one of the Best Classic car Shows in New Zealand .

A Great Family Day out

So... we will be there on Sunday the 7th of March 2021.... Hope to See You There! See you on the Auckland Triumph Car Club Stand!


BJ5519 Lives again

We can't resist a Good Car Story when we hear one.

New customer Chris Eblett popped in for some bits and pieces for his 1962 Morris Minor which he has recently purchased

But heres the twist, Chris actually owned the car as his very first car back in the 1970's.

He managed to track it down just by chance a few weeks ago and is now once again the owner.

Seems like its in a reasonable condition and from the sound of it Chris will be bring it up to scratch over the next few months.

Great to meet you Chis and best of luck with the Morrie !!